SATA power cable for DQ77KB in UK

I’m on my first ever computer build and have ordered all the parts for the Mini-ITX build NAS Killer 4.0 - except one.

The one part that I can’t seem to find is the SATA power cable that is specific to the DQ77KB.

I’ve never done this before, but it looks as though you need a female-female lead in order to take power from the motherboard, and the only one I can find is the one linked, which is in the US, so it will cost me $37, and take weeks to arrive.

Are there any other options that I can look out for?

If you’re handy, you can just create your own. You can buy the SATA Power Splitter. Cut off the male end at the first female junction. Use the top of end cap from the male end and place it on the top of the female end, making it the final termination:

Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate your help.
I’m slightly nervous about blowing up the first mains powered thing I’ve built by making my own power cables, but that doesn’t sound too hard, if I’ve understood you. Let me just check.

Did you mean:

  1. The StarTech splitter cable is currently F=F=F=F=M.
  2. I cut the wires just after the last F connector, to get F=F=F=F: =M
  3. And then I literally plug the Male Connector onto the final Female connector, to get F=F=F=FM=
  4. And presumably trim off the spare wires, leaving 3 working Female connectors, and the Female/Male at the end.

Is that right? (I wasn’t sure what you meant by ‘top of end cap from the male’).

I assume that you’ll be left with some wire stubs coming out of both halves of the F/M plug, which need sealing with something (insulating tape?)

Is that right?
Apologies if that’s a bit confused; I’m new to this.

OK, I think that what I just wrote was wrong - you’re talking about prising the caps off the last female and the male plug, because the end cap from the male plug will have a shielded side that will convert the last female plug to a terminated one?

I have the StarTech cable in my hand and looking closely, I think I can just about see where the caps ought to come off - and was just searching for help online and saw this video, which includes some of the same concepts.

Sorry if my last post made no sense. This sounds slightly more fiddly (I think I was hoping for totally simple), but makes more sense to me now - I can see where the termination is happening, and what you meant about the top of the end caps.

I really appreciate your advice on whether I’m understanding you now.

P.S. is there any reason why in the first instance I couldn’t test the components by just using the StarTech cable for to connect one HDD to the board, with the other 2 female and the male not connected to anything?

Yep. You got it.

You should be able to do this as well. Even permanently if you’re okay with the male lead in there.

Fantastic, that’s really helpful. Much appreciated.

Hi, sorry to revive this but I’m also in the UK and looking to do similar! How did it go in the end?
Is there any way to avoid hacking cables? I’m only going to use 3 x HDD drives (maybe 4 if I use an SSD too).