SAS drives not found after replacing cable and some HDDs



After swapping the Mini SAS 36 SFF-8087 to (4) SFF-8482 cable with a new one and swapping 2 new HDDs i can no longer detect any of the drives using the SAS controller on my X9DAX-7F-HFT board in Unraid. The new cord is only being used by 2 HDDs now whereas 4 were using it before i made the switch. The other SAS port is using a forward breakout cable which is what the 2 new drives are now on.

I tried booting into the UEFI shell but ever since I reverted from SAS2208 to a SAS2308 firmware the shell acts weird with lag/no-scrolling/delay/something is not right. See the before and after I typed sas2flash and ran it just once and scrolled down (via page down on keyboard, the only way too see the output)…

and scroll…

When I bought the board, the seller did note: “Latest available BIOS (ver 3.2) and IPMI (ver 3.39) flashed.”

Any idea what’s going on?

Was I suppose to update something else after following the firmware revert? I simply followed those steps and stopped…

This process has been a disaster so i’d appreciate any helpful advice and guidance!

First thing to check would be 8087 connectors, correct orientation and fully seated. The onboard LSI was working before the drive upgrade, with 2308 IT mode firmware? 3.3v mod on the SATA power splitters? No errors in your syslog, just no drives on the LSI, only your two SSDs.

Regarding EFI shell, cls and mode may be of use.

Thanks for the response!

I’ve unplugged and plugged it back in a few times, even switching seats.

Correct, I just got a few more drives I swapped out and upgraded my PSU. I did have all the drives unplugged to do some cable management?

Only one drive is shucked and I put tape over the right pin. It was working already. Maybe I moved the tape when unplugging and plugging it in? But would that cause all drives to not be found?

I’ll try this, but i’m curious about what caused this to begin with…