SAS Controller's SATA ports convert back to SAS?

I built a NAS based on NK4.1
Mobo: S5512WGM2NR-B-CGN TYAN S5512 LGA1155

I understand that there is an onboard LSI SAS2008 controller, I have flashed this to IT Mode. My case can handle 10 HDD, but I want to add a DAS in future (like the 8 bay mini DAS guide).

-Can the 8 SATA ports from the LSI SAS controller be connected (via reverse break-out cables) to a SAS Expander? Or does the SATA connector remove some functionality?
-Alternatively, would it make more sense to just add another LSI SAS controller (external) and feed cables into the DAS (Like the guide mentions)?

Thanks in advance for your help

Yeah, you can use a reverse breakout to connect to a backplane/expander. Just make sure it’s a reverse cable, the pinout on the SATA end of a reverse cable is mirrored.