Sanity Check for NAS Killer 4.0 build

Repurposing some old hardware I have lying around:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H (LGA1155)
CPU: I5-3570k
RAM: 16G (4x4) DDR3-1600MHz (Patriot)
Power Supply: Corsair CX500
Case: NZXT Source 210 Elite Mid Tower

and making a few purchases:

Cooler: Cooler Master i70 (old cooler fan had bad bearing)
Networking Card (2.5g): IO Crest 2.5 GB (Intel I225v chipset) SY-PEX24076 (instead of onboard 1G)

Also bought 3 8TB HGST SAS Drives (HUH728080AL5201). Noticed that these are the 12Gb/s drives, which begs a question: Is there any advantage or (more importantly) disadvantage to going with an LSI 9361-8i which supports 12Gbps instead of the 9201/9210/9211 type card spec’ed in the NAS Killer 4.0 build (which only supports 6Gbps)?

Just wondering if the 93xx series will work and if so, if it will result in better performance.

Since I’m here, I might as well ask about that 2.5g network card too…any opinions on the realtek vs intel chipset in these? Just wanted to get a little bit better throughput (I’ve got a 2.5gbe switch) than the onboard 1G).

And (if this isn’t being too greedy)…any thoughts on whether it’s worth it to upgrade the CPU to either a Xeon E3-1270 V2 or an i7-3770 for better performance? Similar single-thread passmark scores, but a 2000 point jump in the overall score for the 3770 (which I would probably go with just for the onboard graphics since there’s no IPMI). TL;DR: Is it worth $50 for a 2k jump in passmark score (I plan to use this mostly as a NAS - will run docker containers and such on a separate beefier machine).


Guess everyone wants to build 5.0 and 6.0 instead. :slight_smile: No problem. I’m pretty confident in the compatibility and I might just go ahead and order the LSI 9361-8i and see if it works (it’s only $30). I’ll grab a 9210-8i as well and that way I can see if there’s a performance difference.

There’s not really any point in beefing up the cpu in a storage-only NAS

If you’re already on a 2.5 Gbit switch, you could add the 2.5 Gbit NIC, but you probably won’t saturate it.

There’s not much point in paying for the 12 Gbps HBA, since drives aren’t even nearly as fast as the 6 Gbps interface. Could depend on what OS you’re running and the configuration of the drives but, probably not an issue.

OK. Thank you. Good to know. I’m going to run Unraid as the OS, but I think I’ll just keep it simple and go with the 6GB HBA card.