Sandisk Optimus Eco 2TB 6Gbps SAS2 SSD - 11 PBW endurance - $170

Sandisk Optimus Eco 2TB 6Gbps SAS2 SSD - 11 PBW endurance


More info about the drive here.

$170 (use code JDM in offer)

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Does anyone know of a good article on SAS SSDs? Mine are all SATA or NVMe. I wonder how SAS improves multiple access on an SSD or what other benefits there might be.

Please share your experience or opinions.

I may have found the best reason. It supports transfer both ways so it can read and write 6Gbps at the same time.

curious - do you need a SAS card (LSI for example) or can you use the SATA ports on your motherboard if they are tied to a SAS controller (eg on my z820 motherboard I have 8x sata III ports that are on the SAS controller:
“8 channels of 6 Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface provided by an LSI SAS2308 controller (outside the C600 chipset)” : HP Z820 Workstation - Frequently Asked Questions | HP® Customer Support

Those are not SATA 3 ports, as they do not have a SATA 3 controller. Physically, they are a SATA port that is backed up electrically by a SAS controller, which happens to support SATA drives as well.

So long story short, yes you can use them on that port. You have to have the appropriate type cable, and you should flash the onboard controller into IT mode.