Samsung PM963 1.92TB NVMe 119.95

Samsung PM963 1.92TB NVMe $119.95

  • Seller on ebay has more than 10 (60 sold) 22110 1.92tb drives. It hits a bit into “too good to be true” territory, so keep that in mind as far as health. I bought one and will let you know what I find when delivered.

$ 119.95

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Says no returns which sounds like another red flag. Then there is the fact that they actually ship to Canada. Nothing useful ships here :stuck_out_tongue:

FWIW these comments are both for this item in the sellers feedback.

Back in stock

This almost feels like an impulse buy even though I only have one motherboard that will fit it and it’s not the one I need a new SSD for

Is this good for a unraid cache drive?

Depends on use case. If you’re moving data once a day off cache, you don’t probably need 1.92tb.

If your internet connection can utilize nvme speed, then yes. But I suspect a regular (cheaper) ssd can work just as well and has higher value. This drive, depending on what write stats it has, may be overkill for most uses of Unraid cache.

In case the seller restocks (doubtful)

SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: PASSED

SMART/Health Information (NVMe Log 0x02)
Critical Warning: 0x00
Temperature: 31 Celsius
Available Spare: 100%
Available Spare Threshold: 10%
Percentage Used: 0%
Data Units Read: 3,750,909 [1.92 TB]
Data Units Written: 68,053 [34.8 GB]
Host Read Commands: 29,311,638
Host Write Commands: 355,079
Controller Busy Time: 114
Power Cycles: 29
Power On Hours: 171
Unsafe Shutdowns: 27
Media and Data Integrity Errors: 0
Error Information Log Entries: 0
Warning Comp. Temperature Time: 0
Critical Comp. Temperature Time: 0
Temperature Sensor 1: 31 Celsius
Temperature Sensor 2: 41 Celsius

Here is my disk info from the drive i got in today.


I screwed up the last link (faultline had to assist),

here is a 3.84tb ssd for $375