Samsung PM953 960GB M.2 NVMe SSD - $80 OBO free shipping

This is a long boi, it needs a 22110 compatible motherboard or PCIe adapter, but otherwise is regular NVMe M.2.
If you have a M.2 2280 or other size slot and want to use it, you can use this extension cable that allows for M.2 22110 length drives.

Drive specs here.

Sequential R/W = 1000/870 MB/s
Random R/W = 240K/19K
Endurance = 1.37 PBW

$80 OBO, free shipping. Always make an offer for 20% off and negotiate up!

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Allegedly, the seller is accepting $75 offers.

i bought 2. Will this pci card work?

Also are these B or M key?

No, that is a single NVMe slot only. The other slot is for M.2 SATA, you have to plug a cable in.

Use the adapter that was linked, or if you have a M.2 slot you can use this.

seller turned down $75. Not sure even sure how good of a deal they are. Seller was taking $65 last Sept 19.

Considering the current market for NVMe drives, it’s still a good deal at $80.

The four drives I ordered arrived today. They are all brand new with 2 power ons, zero hours on, zero writes and zero reads. This was a killer deal. Crystal Disk Info screenshots from each drive are attached. I thought it was maybe a glitch with CDI or the NVME to USB enclosure but I pulled the PM953 I purchased from the same seller last year that I am using as my game drive and the smart info just accurate through the USB Enclosure.