Ryzen 1600 NAS or 2011 build?!?!

Howdy everyone!!
So, I’ve been a lurker around the site for away and as my media library is growing its time to shit or get off the pot. Currently I’m using my desktop (Ryzen 2700X, 32 gigs ram) to run Plex, Radarr, Sonarr, and Ombi just in the background while I use it for lite gaming and other time-wasting junk… BUT I have no raid, no back up, and I really like the idea of a parody drive in UNRAID and just being able to add disks as needed. I have my old Ryzen 1600 chip and board that was in my desktop before moving to the 2700x and really, it’s a strong chip for what it is… Would I be better off just building a NAS/Server with that as the base, or trying to rehome them cheap and going with something like the 2011 build?! I don’t want to spend a ton, but I need to do something I’m out of space in my current setup…

Thanks, and I’m excited to hear what you all would do in my situation. BEN

What do you mean by out of space in my current setup? No room for more drives? No physical space?

What do you need to backup? If important stuff, I would address that first with the cloud or an external drive.

That “board” you have, why did you replace it, did something break, does it have the old memory in it, any pci cards?

when I say out of space all I’m saying is my 8tb drive is full and I need to add another one… But I don’t want to keep having to add drives to my desktop, I want to have all the media on either a NAS, or a “server.”

As for the other board, nothing wrong, I just went to a 470-F when I got the new 2700 chip. I would need memory, a video card, and a case to have it up and running.

Are you storing things that you hope you don’t lose or are you planning on storing irreplaceable items? Without ECC memory you will not be running an ideal setup. I did it with non ECC memory for years and never had a problem, but just know that it is recommended for mission critical file servers. The old Ryzen chip itself is more than cable. I would spend money on an intel network card if your motherboard is not intel.

I really think its in my best interest to just try and re-home the ryzen chip and board and start over with something xeon based…