RSV-L4500 Alternative

The L4500 has been discontinued and is out of stock everywhere (or outrageously priced). Are there any rackmount whitebox alternatives that have as many 3.5" bays (really 12 or more would be OK).

I’ve been searching for a decent alternative as well for a while now.

Did you have any luck finding a decent alternative?

I am on the same hunt. Did either of you guys find a good alternative?

Unfortunately nothing that I’m in love with yet.

This is one of the better deals I’ve seen out there but its not cheap when compared to those rosewill cases. Its 275 delivered. Supermicro CSE 836

Yeah I’ve been eyeing those up. Might be what I end up going with.

Someone just posted on reddit about this fractal case Fractal Design Define 7XL. At 200 its not incredibly cheap, it looks hard but not impossible to get, and it holds 16 disks natively. Maybe more with slight mods.

This is a tower… Looking for rack-mount chassis.

This is nice, but oof thats a hefty price tag compared to the Rosewill chassis.

Everything is pricey for sure. I guess I figured 16 drives for 200. I’ve seen the rosewill 4000 bitcoin chassis available but you’d have to modify it and drop drive cages in the chassis.