Rosewill RSV-R4000 PCIe fitment issues

Has anyone else had PCIe fitment issues with the R4000? When the card is fully seated in the slot on the motherboard the plate is millimeters away from the screw hole on the back of the case. The motherboard I/O panel seems to be lined up properly.

It’s likely that the pci bracket for your card is bent.

Thanks @JDM_WAAAT. What puzzles me is the card fit perfectly in my Antec Three Hundred case when the card was new out of the box using the same motherboard that is now in the R4000.

I took it all apart last night and got enough play between the motherboard mounts and the back plate on the card to get it to within tolerance to get a screw into it.

It almost looks like the R4000 back panel is angled from left to right (top of mobo to bottom) ever so slightly.

To me it sounds like your case is bent then.