Rosewill RSV-L4412 port question


What ports is required on my motherboard in order to be able to utilise all 12 hot-swap slots (on for example RSV-L4412)?

I can see that it says:

supports up to carry 12 x 3.5" / 2.5" SATA I, II, & III or SAS HDD

But most motherboards doesn’t have 12 x SATA Ports? So I need another card or some specific PCI-ports in order to be able to use them all?


LSI 8i HBA, 2x 8087-8087 cables, HP SAS expander, 3x 8087-to-4xSATA forward breakout cables.

Thanks for the reply! Does that mean that my motherboard needs 2x PCI ports? One for LSI 8i HBA and one for the HP SAS expander?

You can use one of the internal cards in this guide:

And use 8087 breakout cables.

He should have a few SATA ports onboard, seems like a slightly over complicated setup just for 12 ports.

Oh, thanks! Will look at that! :slight_smile:

Oh yep you’re absolutely right; 4x SATA direct from onboard, then LSI and two breakout cables: that’d work!