Rosewill 4U RSV-L4500 15 bay back in stock! - $135 shipped

Rosewill 4U RSV-L4500 15 bay

$134.99 shipped


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i like to think is legit the only reason this is back in stock.


And don’t let them forget it!

We have been waiting for literally 5 months.

Me randomly googling it every few days for one in stock has finally paid off


@Hey_Danny after googling for months:
stay thirsty

That didn’t take long. Looks to be out of stock again.

yup its out again…

Anyone have one they’re willing to sell? Can’t find one anywhere atm…

I doubt you’ll find anyone willing to part with the RSV-L4500 case, it’s highly sought after and rarely in stock these days. I don’t believe I’ve seen one posted in WTS, but always keep an eye out:

The RSV-L4000C is $55 on ebay. I wonder if that can be modified with different cages (the generic 3x 5.25 → 4x 3.5 on ebay) or what.

I’m tempted to buy this (ebay 15 bay aio) and hack around it

I have one RSV-4500L. and could use another one. I had to settle for an
RSV-4310 when I needed a chassis. I may grab one and save the 4310 for a desktop build that will go in my rack to free up my desk space

Especially since the RSV-4500L is compatible with the hot swap modules.

That may be true, but we typically advise against hotswap due to price and practicality. The likelihood you’ll ever need hotswap in a home environment is slim to none.

I get that and agree with you. I just like the convenience factor of not having open up the chassis when I need/want to install a new drive.

Is the RSV-L4000C compatible with these?

6 Available at 2:18pm eastern for $150

I’d wait for BNIB for $135 on Amazon - a few came back today.

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i bought one about a week ago and the only listing was used-great shape(or whatever amazon called it). would highly recommend NOT buying used through amazon. I was not a happy camper when it showed up today.

and here is why…

my original plan was to swap the insides of my current freenas 2u server into here and add more drives. But while it was in transit i was looking into using this case as a DAS and getting two external hba, hp expander, psu switch and pcie extender that is molex/sata to 4 pin. which seems like a better option.

somewhat side question: what should i do about the damage? try and fix it, return, ask for partial refund, idea?