Revive LGA1366 project or start over

in 2019 or so my original unraid died it was a supermicro MBD-X9SCM with a G620.

i following the classic guide here (or maybe on reddit) at the time went to ebay and bought X8DT6-F, a pair of L5640 and some 8gb sticks of ram.

i briefly had this up and running, but after attempting to flash the onboard SAS control i could not get it to ever post again

i bought another motherboard and some lsi sas9201-8 cards so i didnt have to screw with killing the mobo again but had a child, then covid happened and i never got back to this project

ive now had renewed interest in selfhosting some stuff and would like to perhaps revive it. Is this hardware even worth continuing with or should I upgrade to something else? my intention is to run proxmox with a few vms for media server the various *arr download managers, some sort of photo hosting(immich?) and syncthing and backup some of my familys laptops that are out and about.

that’s pretty old hardware. I wouldn’t recommend buying the lga 1366 generation if you’re buying new stuff.

however… it sounds like you have a motherboard, and SAS card, and still probably the cpu’s and RAM.

unless your electricity is expensive, i say go for it. worst case it’s a learning experience and you’d learn what newer hardware you would need.