Review my Nas/Plex/Torrent Build

Hello All!

I have been browsing this forum for a couple weeks now as I decided to venture into building my own dedicated Nas/Plex/Torrent box. This is my first PC build so please go easy on me!


  • Store/serve/parity my files on my local network. 95% of the files will be media files for my Plex server, 5% are important family photos which I will also backup on a separate external hard drive. Will be set up in Raid1 for now, then when I add another hard drive, it will be changed to Raid5 (should be able to do this in unRaid with no problems right?)
  • Plex server. For now I will be the only one using it to direct play 4K remux files, however, in the future would be interested to possibly add 3-4 remote users.
  • Download and seed (legal) torrents.

I used the OTiS 1.0 as my main guide for parts, here is what I decided:

Part Model Price
Motherboard GIGABYTE B365M-DS3H $70.00
CPU CORE i5-8500T $150.00
CPU Cooler ARCTIC Alpine 12 $19.98
RAM CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 3600MHz 2x8GB $90.00
SSD Sabrent Rocket 256GB M.2-2280 NVME $64.97
HDD WD 8TB MyBook x2 (To be shucked) $174.99
Case Cooler Master N400 ATX Mid Tower Case $80.45
Power Supply EVGA BA 600 W 80+ Bronze Certified $56.38
Total $706.77

Yikes… didn’t realize I was spending this much lol (all prices are in Canadian dollars). Motherboard and CPU have already been purchased (bought from the used market, so can’t return). So before I purchase anything else can you guys comment/suggest/recommend/rip apart my build? I have a few specific questions as well:

  1. Considering my needs for this machine are any of my selected parts lacking or overkill? Remember I will possibly be transcoding remote users in the future, I’ve learned not to transcode 4K but would like to transcode 3-4 1080p streams at a time. I will be running this on unRaid with dockers. I’m assuming the hardware is sufficient for the NAS/Torrent/Docker applications (Please correct me if I am wrong)?

  2. So far I have purchased one of the 8TB MyBook’s, might purchase another 8TB Easystore soon. After running Crystal Disk Info on the MyBook I discovered it had the EDAZ drives which run hotter than other drives. After some research I found some people who think they are too hot (even after shucking and placed in their builds) and some people who noticed a considerable drop in temps after placing in their builds. I’m leaning towards keeping as this is cheapest 8TB I could find at the moment. Do you think the fans in the N400 Cooler Master will be good enough to keep them at a reasonable temp?

  3. 256GB SDD and 16GB RAM good enough for my use case?

  4. This machine will be in my living room. With all these parts do you think it will be noisy? Any suggestions on parts that can make it quieter? Any other suggestions on other cases that will perform just as well as the N400 but smaller?

I am pretty sure I have more questions but can’t think of them right now and will definitely have more questions as I build along. Any help is appreciated!