Replacing the bios chip on a GA-7PESH2...Anyone?

So a “friend” tried updating his bios on a gigabyte GA-7PESH2 and ended up with a board that wont boot. He has another identical board except that one has a physically broken chip on it. He thought everything went well when he tried updating the bios but upon reboot…nothing. No beeps, no video, nothing. Fans power up, BMC LED flashes, SAS LED flashes, but that’s it. He has tried everything he knows to revive this thing. Stripping it down to a single cpu and a single stick of known good ram, no joy. Now, these boards have removable bios chips and another removable chip that I’m not sure what for. I have tried swapping the chips off of the known good board…nothing. I’ve found places that claim to be able to give me an updated bios chip with the latest already programmed on it. My questions are: Does anyone have any experience with removable bios chips and reviving a bricked board by purchasing a chip online somewhere? And/or does anyone feel like troubleshooting this thing with me? Oohhh!!! I mean with my “friend”! Any help is appreciated.