Replace very noisy PSU on thunderbolt 3 raid enclosure

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I have this

It used this PSU:

The problem is that the fan on the PSU is VERY loud and there is no way of controlling the fan of in software. I´m considering replacing the psu with a standard ATX psu with a bigger and more quiet fan. For instance this:

I do understand that this will void the warranty for the highpoint raid enclosure and I do understand that the new PSU will not fit in the enclosure. I will have to diy a small enclosure for the new PSU and have the cables go from this into the highpoint enclosure and its components. I asked about this at my local computer shop and one guy said it might fry the components due to different pin placements on this kind of hardware. Another guy from the same shop said it should work due to the specifications on the Seasonic psu looks to follow ATX standards. The only thing I clearly understand is that the new psu would have to have enough power and that the cables would have to fit in the plugs on the hardware of the thunderbolt enclosure. Pin position, amp, rail and everything else electricity-wise is unfortunately beyond my understanding…

Any input is appreciated.

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Looks like they are using proprietary pin-outs for their PSU, which means you won’t be able to use an off the shelf model without modifying it.

I concur with JDM. I assume this ebay listing is similar to what your psu is. It shows the proprietary HIghpoint ports on it.

This SFFNetwork post also talks about the generic Seasonic version with standard ports as well as modification of a more quiet fan.

You guys are right. I decided to remove the 40mm fan, put the psu outside of the cabinet and put a 120mm usb fan on top of the psu… really ghetto… but a lot more quiet…

This is the response I got from Highpoint:


Sorry, the link you provided earlier is not accessible.

But we do not recommend you to replace the components of the RS6628A yourself, for the following reasons:

  1. The internal power interface is not a standard ATX interface
  2. The connecting line needs to be redefined, and the wrong connection will cause the entire product to be damaged.

The fan noise of the RS6628A PSU in our laboratory is very small, can you provide us with the serial number of the product to confirm the product? At the same time, you can also provide a video file with audio, and we will see if the current RS6628A you are using is noisy due to a malfunction.

If you have any questions, please let me know .

Pictures would be helpful. I’m concerned that PSU isn’t getting enough airflow.

Mee too actually. I have been “monitoring” (feeling by hand) the air coming out from the fan and its not warm. I know this not necessary means that the components in the psu are not too hot, but they are also getting constant airflow from the bottom fan on the cabinet. Idk… I really hate that little noisy fan. If anything brakes now… at least I know its the psu and can replace it with a dedicated one from ebay like the ones Leemachine linked to.