Regarding the HP z220 Workstation

Is the Hp z220 Xeon E3-1270 V2 w/ Quadro K2000 a viable plex/nas setup running Unraid on it?

It would be maybe 3-4 clients 1080p.
I’ve been browsing around and haven’t seen any posts about this sort of setup.

My plan was to add a drive cage to the 5.25 bays for 4 HDDs and use the existing cage for an SSDs for the cache for Unraid.

Thanks for any insight!

Probably overkill even without the GPU

haha, alright.
thank you!

Not necessarily a bad thing if you already own it.

3-4 clients is nothing if they are direct playing. This should easily support several transcodes

Is there a 3 - 5.25" to 4 - 3.5" drive bay that you’d recommend?
Of the 10 I’ve looked at, it has been all mixed reviews of drives usually running too hot.

Multi-bay adapters do generally run hot, and are usually pretty expensive for the amount of bays you get.

Have you priced out building a DAS? Usually it only ends up a few dollars more expensive, but has many more bays with proper cooling.