Recommendations for a 1U transcode box?

Thinking about doing a 1U transcode box. Was thinking about grabbing a hyve zeus, and throwing a i3-12100 and mobo in it. Looks like that may run me ~300, which is fine, but always up for something else that’s recommended. I do want to stick to a 1U because that’s what i’ve got space for in my under desk rack.

I know that’s a little pricey, but wondered if maybe there was a 1U box that could be repurposed. I saw the thread on 1Us, but didn’t see anything in that thread that specifically had an 7th gen or newer i3 or i5 for quick sync.

I don’t see a reason to run 12th gen right now. If you absolutely must, the G6900 is the way to go.

You’re going to be up against a wall pricing wise. Anything 1U or M-ITX will be almost always more expensive. You can get a short-depth Supermicro CSE-512 and start there, that should help to keep costs down.

A little bit of increased costs to put it in a 1u is fine with me because think I am going to 3D print a plex logo and pain the hyve zeus in plex colors to make it a plex themed 1u server. eventually do the same thing for blue iris on a separate 1u server.

The g6900 will do 4 1080p transcodes just fine? That’s the maximum i’ll need.

Yes, but so will a G4900 - which is likely a lot cheaper overall, considering motherboard cost as well.