Recommendation for Silent and cheap Proxmox home Lab server

Hey guys… First of all I apologies upfront if I approach any wrong term related to hardware since I’m totally a newbie on server hardware stuff

I will explain exactly what I need and hopefully someone could point me to the right direction in terms of what hardware parts I should pick.

Main goal:

Virtualization server by using proxmox as a hypervisor platform .

I intend to have 2 environments: one for network security lab experiments, and a second to install docker containers microapps for some fun stuff.

Network security lab environment:

I will run some network security software appliances such as:

  • Cisco GNS
  • Sophos XG ( RAM and Cores eater)
  • Fortigate (RAM and Cores eate)

Those VMs will be only for some lab experiments. I will also run some tests with those appliances other VMs such as:

  • Windows server ( Activity directory, DNS and DHCP services enabled)
  • Windows desktop host for test those services )
  • Ubuntu server

Fun environment It will include the following:

  • File server ( I’m between OpenMediaVualt and FreeNAS)

Docker containers :
Plex ( don’t need super crazy transcoding)

My main concern on this build is to make something:

  • Power enough to run those services above
  • Less noisy as possible, as I will place this server in my living room.
  • Resealable combination of resourceful and low power consumption
  • Need recommendation of a tower case that has built-in some sort of cable management already done, as I don’t have experience assembling computer.
  • I need to be able to do ZFS disks pool with a SAS controller

From the top of my head, that is all. I really hope you guys can help me, and if possible with recommendations including the most basic accessories that I will need for this build, such as what cables and connectors I need to buy. And most importantly more low a budget as possible, with used parts.

Looking forward to hearing an input.

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