Recently NordVPN starting blocking remote access of Plex clients, but this wasn't previously the case. Any thoughts?

Have my Plex server running on a machine within my home LAN. On that machine I run Nord VPN with a P2P type connection 24/7. I also have Radarr and Sonarr running so they can automatically grab, rename, and move files to the respective media folders for Plex use.omegle

Prior to maybe the last couple weeks or so maintaining this Nord VPN connection wasn’t an issue with still accessing my Plex libraries via client software – e.g. away from home and using the Plex mobile app over LTE. Whether I was connected to a VPN or not I could still load up media in Plex when not on my LAN with no problem.

Now it seems as if that has changed. I tested it out and sure enough whenever my Plex server machine is connected to the VPN its remote access ceases. But sure enough as soon as I disconnect from the VPN remote access returns.

If anyone has any pointers or wisdom as to why the sudden change and/or if there are any fixes I would greatly appreciate it. I’d rather keep my VPN connection going 24/7 for Radarr/Sonnarr purposes, but I also don’t want to have to manually disconnect the Plex server’s VPN every time I want remote access.


Seems to be a ton of information on this when you google it.

I found this link on the plex forums related to a fix that was found for this a while back, hope it helps:

Also there are windows batch files you can use that are available on, but since you didn’t state which OS you’re running Plex on, I’m not sure if that will help you. Here’s a link in case you’re using Windows:

For what reason are you running Plex behind a VPN?

Not to revive an old thread, but aren’t Plex server-client communications encrypted all the time?

Or is this thread about using a VPN for *arr services

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