RAM model numbers and stability - Is it safe to use similar memory model numbers on the same board?


So I have two LGA2011 server boards chugging along great but I want to add more RAM, because of course I do.

The concern I have is compatibility- In the past I have run into stability issues when having two different models of RAM on the same board.

The current memory in my board is all Micron Technology MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9N1 (16gb 1866mhz DDR3 ECC sticks)

Whilst browsing on Ebay, I have found a few models with very similar parts #s. E.g.

  • MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9E1
  • MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9E1H
  • MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9E1HE
  • MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9E1K
  • MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9E3
  • MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9E3HE
  • MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9N1
  • MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9N1K
  • MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9N1KG

Naturally I want to get nothing but MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9N1, but I have seen a few sellers selling “MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9” and stating that what they ship could contain any of the parts #s above.

Am I safe to buy any MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9%%% models and assume compatibility will be fine? Or should I try and stick to my plan of only getting MT36JSF2G72PZ-1G9N1 units?

Help is much appreciated!

usually it’s okay to mix ram as long as it’s as least as good as the speed and timings of what you’re trying to run the chips with all together.

This is true until… it’s not.

For instance my server has 8 DIMMs, 3 different manufacturers, most are 8GB but one is 16GB… it all works great. (they are all only running at 2133 despite many being 2400, that’s all the xeon v3 supports).

HOWEVER, on my desktop Ryzen, it has a hodgepodge of 2x4GB and 1x8GB, and while it seemed ok it was throwing errors while chia plotting, and it seems to have been fixed by having the 2x4GB on the same dual channel, and the 8GB alone

That’s my take.

Really depends on the board and may depend on board/cpu matchup. I would tend to go with the Vendor Approved List on server gear or make every attempt to get matching specs.