Rackmount Plex/Jellyfin & Radarr/Sonarr Build with Storage

Hey everyone. First time caller here.

I’m looking at updating my plex build, which has been running for a few years on an old laptop. The more containers I run on that laptop, the more strained it gets… so I’m looking to build a dedicated rackmount media server.

Here’s the plan. Looking at running Ubuntu LTS with the following in Docker:

  • Plex (maybe migrating to Jellyfin)
  • Radarr
  • Sonarr
  • NZBGet
  • Torrent Client

I plan to have the boot disk and database on NVMe SSD, and do my transcoding there as well. The mass storage will all be local, too, on mostly shucked 5400RPM drives. These will sit on MergerFS and also run snapraid. I’ll externally back up the boot drive, but for expense’s sake, snapraid will be my only protection for the content itself. I can live with redownloading all my linux ISOs in a freak emergency.

Here’s the parts list I’ve gathered, with all prices in CAD from newegg.ca:


  • ASRock H310-CM-HDV/M.2 Micro ATX = $79.99


  • EVGA 500 W1 500W Supply = $44.99


  • SAMSUNG 980 M.2 2280 500GB NVMe SSD = $74.99


  • Seagate Barracuda 8TB 5400RPM = $198.99
  • 4 more 5400RPM drives will be shucked and added as I migrate


  • Celeron G4900 (Refurb) = $172.99

CPU Cooling

  • Arctic Alpine 12 92mm fan for 115x = $31.10


  • G.SKILL Aegis 16GB DDR4 SDRAM 2666MHz = $74.99


  • CHENBRO RM42300 4U Rackmount = $199.99


  • $900 CAD

Thanks for making it this far. Does anyone have any thoughts on this build? Places to save money? I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff. I’m pretty comfortable on the software side, but I haven’t built a box since the 90s. Looking forward to hearing some ideas and criticism!