R720xd nic question

My R720XD arrived today. While I’m gathering the rest of the stuff I want,I have a really important question. Can each network port on my R720xd be put in a seperate vlan? The reason I ask, is I want to put my 4 sfp+ 10gbe ports on my Aruba S2500 in one vlan, and my ip cameras in another vlan.
I want to control my ip-cams with my R720xd while still having a 10gbe link to the other boxes in my rack.
Thank you in advance.

You could I guess… but I don’t see the reason to do so. Unless you’re running a ton of cameras, a single 1Gbps interface should be plenty.

Yes I don’t need 10Gbe to run a few cameras. What I want to do is keep my cameras sandboxed from the rest of my network, and still give my R720 a 10gbe link to the rest of my network for other things.