Quick compatability test please

I feel like I might be missing something important between these items

can i have a quick compatability check between https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/dram/module/M393B2K70CM0-CF8/



the x9SRi-F came with a E5-2620 cpu preinstalled.

I’m having some trouble booting, troubleshooting suggests it’s a problem with either faulty ram or incompatible. Not quite understanding why that might be.

Cheers for having a look,

Hi, does it boot at all.

did you look thru the manual and identify all the different led’s, that always helps.

So really we need to know exactly what is happening from turn on.

plus everything you have installed in the board,

can you post, ? get to bios?

those SM boards are sometime a little slow to bend to your needs…

but the parts that you listed look compatible,.,

also check the cpu socket pins tooo…