Question about RAM compatibility.

Hi all, I have a quick question. Im running an ASUS ZP9E-D8-WS board , and I just purchased 8 x 32 GB of SAMSUNG M386B4G70BM0 RAM, but I’m having trouble getting the system to post with it installed. If I install my existing 16GB Mushkin DDR3 (I don’t have the model number) it posts first time, but with the 256GB kit it doesn’t post at all, I haven’t yet verified if the RAM itself is good , it was an eBay purchase.

My question really is if there is any spec difference between that 256GB kit and this one which when u plug the motherboard onto PC PART PICKER IT doesn’t show the kit I bought but DOES show this one.


Thanks in advance.

P.s. normally I would just look up the QVL for the motherboard but I can’t find it for this particular one

PC Part Picker is garbage for non consumer hardware
The referenced kit though appears to be spec - identical.
Try two sticks of your eight sticks, one per cpu, see what happens.

Yeah unfortunately no , If i try two sticks all i get is the server powers up then immediately restarts i don’t even get so much as the post, I don’t get any beeps but the post code display says 67 or b7.

Well my issue was not my RAM at all but the fact that I wasn’t supplying power to either of the EPS plugs on the board, weird that it worked with 2 sticks of RAM though, problem is now gone!

Schoolboy error, It was a brain fart.