Question about off site backups

I’m extremely new to all of this (I’m reading through some of the build guides now but haven’t built anything at all yet) and have a question about off-site backups.

Goal: home server that I can use for file storage and basic (1080p) plex streaming

Current system: cobbled-together desktop with around 8tb of total storage

Target system: something like NAS killer 4, possibly using parts like those recommended in the current “Array Starter Kit” group buy

Complicating factor: I use Backblaze personal for off-site backup since they have a very reasonably priced “unlimited” backup plan. I would like to continue to use them. However, their client is Windows-only.

My initial plan was to just follow one of the guides and have it run Windows. I don’t love that option but it seemed like the easiest approach. While reading here, I found a lot of people using unraid. Would it be reasonable to run unraid with a small always-on Windows VM that just performs my backups for me? Is there any strong reason to pick one over the other? My client machines are all on the same local network and are a mixture of Windows and Macs.

Overall my goal is to make this reliable and simple to use. I’m not looking to spend a fortune but do not need the absolute cheapest build possible either.

Thanks for any thoughts!

You won’t be able to backup the NAS with backblaze personal.

I will if I run the backblaze client on the server itself, right? As far as backblaze client is concerned it’s just a computer.

You think you’re the first person in the history of Backblaze to try it? I am certain you are not going to see the results you want.

No, I do not. That is why I am asking about this. I had hoped that someone with experience could share some of their knowledge.

Yeah the terms of service are super clear that Backblaze personal covers drives directly connected to a personal computer. Virtual machines and storage arrays do not count sadly. You could connect to B2 (the business offering) if you want to backup that way. Otherwise you’re going to have to look at other options probably using rclone.

It’s not at all a technical issue. It’s a business one.

I"m concerned that I have done a poor job explaining my goal. My “NAS”, running Windows, can be my personal computer. It is the data on that machine itself that I am looking to back up. I will simply also share that data with other computers in my home.

Clearly this has gotten away from my original question, so it’s fine with me if you as a moderator feel that this topic is best deleted. I can try to ask again more clearly later.

If you wanted to backup the data to that “VM” you might be able to. But again reading the above article explains exactly why they do not.

And unfortunately it’s not what you deem a personal computer. It’s what they do. I haven’t tested Backblaze backup from a VM in unraid but I’d imagine they have the same detection/countermeasures they do for other platforms.

Your original question was whether it’d be better to run Windows bare-metal on the NAS, or in a VM on Unraid. You can certainly do it either way, but according to my reading of BackBlaze’s ToS, only the first option would be eligible for their desktop backup service. You’re free to try it out on a VM, but we as a forum cannot endorse breaking any provider’s ToS. If you run Windows bare-metal, you’ll have to use StableBit DrivePool or WSS, etc. to manage your storage.

Another option to consider, if you want to continue using BackBlaze as a provider, is their B2 object storage. Fees are per TB/mo for storage, and per GB transit.

There’s also GSuite teams, etc.

Thanks! I think this points me to some additional resources to learn about. Much appreciated!