Question about F40 Flash Accelerator

I recently was gifted a Gen 8 Proliant DL380p. I was so excited to get the box I started shopping and didn’t do my research properly.

I picked up one of the f40 400gb cards, but it has a low profile bracket. It looks like I can order a bracket for about $10 with a quick look.

Here is the question - do I need the bracket, or could I slide by without a bracket for some time (it may be moved to a different box with the low profile slot).

As long as the box is laying flat and won’t be moved after the card is installed, it will be fine without a bracket.

The box will not be moved, but the server does have a riser card, so it would be laying horizontal, not vertical.

I just want to make sure it doesn’t put too much pressure on the slot or riser card.

I don’t have first hand experience with that specific card, but if it is even a little bit top heavy you might need to fashion some kind of support to keep it from stressing the slot.