Pre-triggerpull sanity check on a Thinkstation E31

Looking to get a NAS for unraid going, mostly to run file storage solutions like nextcloud alongside some other server mainstays like a plex server.

Have an old 4790k gaming pc, but am worried that my power draw will be a little too crazy.

Found a deal on an ~100 USD thinkstation E31 with:

  • Xenon E3 1270
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM (further specifics withheld, in typical ebay fashion)
    And a 500GB hard drive that I don’t plan on using much, if at all.

Am I right to think this is a steal for a low power draw unraid machine?
Thanks so much <3

What you listed will not use a significantly different amount of power than your gaming PC.

Unnecessary components such as the GPU can be stripped out and not used to save power. You can also underclock/undervolt the 4790k to save some power .

Thanks for the help!
Will see if underclocking can help with power draw issues.