Possible Migration from Unraid to OpenMediaVault?

Hello all,

I was wondering if it would be possible to migrate my server from Unraid to OMV without using any data? If so how would it be possible? My drives are formatted in XFS. How would I re-create the folder drive pooling I have right now with Unraid in OMV so that it would automatically put files in a “media” folder equally across all the drives.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Just wondering, why would you do such a thing? Are you having problems with unraid?

Just curious to know if it was possible. Reading up on Snapraid + mergerfs or unionfs is intriguing. Especially with Snapraid’s ability to have up to 6 parity drives. Also I like debian and that is what OMV is based on.

Rather than migrating, if you’re still interested in OpenMediaVault, I’d suggest setting up OpenMediaVault as a second build and play around with it. If you like it, you could look at migration.


I messed around with OMV for weeks before going to Unraid. I could never get it set up like I wanted. Finally tried Unraid and wont go back. It just works without all the fiddling.

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That’s exactly my experience.

Seems to be a lot of variances between versions so when searching for information you have to make sure you are looking at info for the correct version. I found that annoying. Then some of the plugins I wanted just wouldn’t work no matter what I did. I can’t recall but just the way the gui had you do things seemed weird and unnecessary.

I learn a lot off youtube videos and the only guy I found at the time doing videos on OMV was TechnoDadLife and he’s good but after I while I just couldn’t deal. I also sometimes find SpaceInvaderOne (Unraid) to be a bit annoying as well but he’s hands down the best YT guy for Unraid content.

As a simple file server OMV is probably a great low resource solution.

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