POE Whiteboard Trailcam

I am mostly just looking for suggestions or direction here.

I am looking to automate taking a picture/video of a whiteboard periodically throughout the day and then update to some kind of dashboard/intranet site.

I didnt know if a poe security cam would be the best place to start.
I have looked at whiteboard cameras but they all seem overkill for this application.

Right now we are doing a trial run of Etherpad to see if this type of setup would suffice.(instead of having all the overhead of live video feed)

The manager was hoping for a ''one stop shop" meaning just write it on the board once and no other task needed to spread the info on the board to the rest of the office.

The information that gets put up on the board is the groups of utility workers and what jobs are on task for given workday.

This pic was taken with Microsoft Lens which does a great job of cleaning up written text but this is a manual process.

Wouldn’t that just be what something like a view of a shared google doc or something similar would be useful for?

Even a frame that just reloads a single page repeatedly can just render markdown or something else. If it has to be an image, then point it at a URL, and update the image using whatever automation you like.

Yes I agree with a google doc or similar. That is how I landed on Etherpad. So far Etherpad is going well. No need for logging in, fully on prem, dead simple.

But ya know cHaNgE Is hArD for management/old dogs, etc…

The part about “update the image using whatever automation you like” is what I struggle with. I didnt know where to begin finding something that could grab an rtsp stream, snapshot the highres image on interval and put it in a directory.

OS and scripting ability will matter here.

Here’s a simple StackOverflow example that pulls it from an ipcam live stream and outputs to a “do.jpg” using ffmepg.

ffmpeg -y -i rtsp://admin:admin@ -vframes 1 do.jpg