Plex troubleshooting with new build

Raize1, I’ve got my UNRAID box setup as stated in above. It’s taken me longer than expected because I’ve just finished a successful 1st week configure of a pfSense box as well. So far so good on both ends :smiley:

You mentioned that my CPU can transcode 1080p, but I’m seeing transcoding limited to 720p. Should I post here or start a new post?

Limited to 720 because it can’t keep up or limited Ina a way that it won’t let you attempt 1080p? If it’s limited to 720 on the drop-down, I would check Plex setting to make sure you aren’t limiting remote viewing to 720p. If you are limiting remote to 720p then it’s likely misidentified you lan traffic as remote. You can fix that by adding you lan subnet in Plex settings.

I have the PMS settings at 1080p, the 2 devices that I tested in my house(laptop and Firestick) both adjusted to 1080p settings, but still being transcoded down to 720p. I’ll be testing again this evening and I did see the LAN and IP(subnet) allow options in Plex. I tried once, but it didn’t work. I’ll go through the process again though. Thanks for your help along the way Raize1. I believe I have a close enough setup to you, so I appreciate comparing notes.

I believe you have to designate the lan ips like or Can’t remember which one but do think it needed the subnet.

When you go to settings in Plex…do you have a green lock next to the server name? If not you need to make some network changes. What router are you using?

I do have a green lock next to my server name. I’m running a PMS container unRAID. I’m running everything from a pfSense router/firewall with the following subnets:

  • 192.168.1.x LAN(main desktop PCs)
  • 192.168.2.x unRAID/Plex server
  • 192.168.3.x IoT/Wireless devices(Nighthawk router in AP mode)

I will be home in 2hrs to continue the troubleshooting.

Just to reiterate, upon successful setup, will I be able to remote stream 1080p to my family?

In pfSense go to 1. Services> DNS Resolver> General Settings

Down at “custom options” make to insert the below line…

private-domain: ""

I do believe I wasn’t even getting the green lock until I did that so this may not be your issue.

Remote streaming depends on your upload speeds. I have very crappy upload speed but my brother is the only one I share with and he’s getting good quality although it’s 720p.

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I’ll be sure to go through pfSense settings shortly, thank you. I really hope I can resolve my direct play(1080p) issue and ensure that remote viewers can also get the 1080p :slight_smile: I’ll check back in with progress this evening.

Thank you @Jhunter844 Jhunter844, that pfSense info helped! I am now able to Direct Play to my devices in house on different subnet.

I tested a remote access stream, but it is still transcoding down to 720p. I previously had my PMS on my main gaming PC, remote streaming success at 1080p, but I want to troubleshoot how to get the same stream quality out of my new unRAID setup. Does anybody have any hints on how to accomplish 1080p transcode remote streams?

I have enabled HD/1080p in my client settings on the device(s) that are set to stream remotely and same high def settings on my PMS.

Check to.makr sure you arnt connected through the relay. Accessing a Server through Relay | Plex Support

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I de-selected that, but no immediate change. I’m also having an issue with my PMS remote connection. I wonder if this has anything to do with the quality of my remote streams. I need to figure out this connection issue and then re-approach the remote stream quality. On a positive note, by direct play across subnets is working perfect! Thanks to you guys.

So my remote connection is shotty, sometimes I can see the shared library on remote device, other times it says it’s offline. I think this is my fault somewhere in my pfSense setup. @Jhunter844 definitely helped with my direct play issue, but I think there is something else I need to tweak to get a reliable Remote Connection/Access for my PMS. When I do have a remote connection long enough to play a video it is max 480p on my phone and 720p on my father’s computer(off-site). If anyone has an idea of pfSense and PMS remote access settings, I’m ALL ears. In the meantime, it’s back to the internet search for similar problems and hopefully a fix. TY!

  1. Is your Plex server set to a static local IP?
  2. Are you port forwarding 32400 to your Plex server in your router?
  3. What does your internet connection speed test on from a wired connection?
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Thank you JDM

  1. Yes
  2. Yes, well NOW I am. I had to setup my pfSense for correct port forwarding.
  3. 900 Mbps up/down.

I just came back here to let you all know that I got it! I finished a couple more of Spaceinvader’s videos covering just this kind of situation, port forwarding. I had previously stopped at a point in my pfSense setup because I was doing too much, too fast and would crash my internet connection. Now that I have my unRaid and PMS up and running I can move forward on the setup, making sure to backup my settings before making changes.

Thank you all for your help thus far! :star_struck:

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