Plex QSV OTiS, unsure about how much muscle is enough

Hi, a new guy here

I stumbled upon JDM’s excellent QSV HW transcoder guide and decided to go that route.

I’ve been running a HP Microserver Gen 10 entry server with OpenMediaVault as a NAS and Plex server, and it has served well for years. I recently installed a backend consisting of sonarr+bazarr+radarr+nzb+ombi and this stack along with transcoding h.265/HEVC brought the lil’ Opteron x3216 finally to its knees.

So, to a dedicated plexbox! I’d imagine the heaviest load would be simultaneously transcoding three streams, two local and one remote, but I have absolutely no idea how much muscle is required for this load scenario. Being a cheapskate, I figured that a Celeron G4930 CPU, 16 GB RAM and 256 NVME would be enough, but what do you guys think? Maybe I shouldn’t skimp on the CPU?

Plexbox will be dedicated to running Plex, Microserver shall handle existing dockers & file serving.

Add-on question, any idea or guesses how much nvme adds real-world performance vs ssd?

TBH, when I upgraded my gaming rig and wen’t from ssd to pcie nvme, I honestly couldn’t tell much difference. Few seconds trimmed from boot-up sequence.