Plex & NAS Build Help

Hi all-

I’d like to build server that will be used for a few purposes:

  • Plex Server
  • Retire an old netgear readynas. It has 4 drives with videos running in jbod config. I’d like to move those drives over the new server.
  • Cetral log server for my home. Probably run something like Graylog
  • Docker experimentation

Here is what I’m thinking right now. Would appreciate some feedback:

  • CPU - i3 10100
  • motherboard - ASRock H410M-HDV/M.2 Micro ATX LGA1200
  • RAM 16GB
  • HHD - 256 GB SSD (already own), 4 drives from NAS, maybe one additional 4tb drive for log data and docker images.
  • Case - Chenbro Rackmount 4U Server Chassis RM42300-F (already own)
  • CPU cooler TBD
  • Sata expansion card - TBD
  • Power supply - TBD

Would love you get your overall thoughts on this setup. I’d also appreciate any specific recommendations on PSU and sata expansion. I want to make sure I have enough for at least 6 drives, but don’t need a monster that’s gonna drive up the electric bill either.


One additional thing I’ve been thinking about is retiring an older bare metal computer running win10. Thinking about running unraid and then just having a Win10 VM for the few but still existing scenarios where I need a windows machine.

Latest update:

I decided to go with an i5 10400, and an ASRock B460M STEEL LEGEND motherboard. Since it has 6 onboard sata slots I’m good for now. 1 16GB stick of ram, and a 1tB nvme drive. Hopefully should have all the parts in the next couple days.

What PSU have you choose? Do you have some measurement of power consumption?