Pics New and Old of Battlestation Changes

Where it all started building a gaming rig around 2008. Before this I was gaming on laptops and family pc’s that could barely hold 60fps. This system was running an AMD FX-6300 6 core and ran a EVGA FTW 670. I learned a lot on this build of what I liked and disliked. This rig lasted me a few years of gaming.

Than I went on to want something more substantial and built a rig with an Intel 4790k, Gigabyte 980, and could finally afford some better supporting parts like a more reliable psu, and an m.2 boot drive.

With this rig I started getting more into peripherals and started building out a legit battelestation. Here are some of the earliest desk setups I had.

From there I started expanding and got more into audio as well. I was mostly running a Beyerdynamic DT880 with Mayflower ODAC which was very underpowered for those headphones. For speakers I was running LSR305’s which is still a serverbuilds recommended go to. I began expanding and wanted to get into streaming and got a better job to fun my addictions.

Finally I got into my current build as I wanted to able to stream and play games at a higher fps. My previous pc is now used as my stream pc to encode for Twitch. This new pc is used just to run the game so maximum cpu resources can be used for it. The current pc specs are i7-9700k, Evga Hybrid 1080ti, 1tb, m.2, and several ssd and spinners for various tasks. I also got much deeper into audio and I am currently running an FX Audio P1 Tube Amp, THX AAA 789 Amp, SMSL SU-8 dac and a whole host of different cans.

Overall I am pretty happy with the current setup. If you have any questions on anything in the pics above I am happy to answer.

That looks sweet man, all your setups are so clean/uncluttered. Your current desk looks so professional, I like it :slight_smile:

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Nice station. I love that the shelves went away but the thermostat stayed.

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Thanks I am pretty happy with it currently. Just need to do a little more cable managing under the desk and it will be all set.

I hate that damn thermostat its like 30 years old and only controls the heat since there is no central air. I may end up getting one of those nice wifi enabled units in the future, but I guess it just stays on the wall so I’ll live. lol

Awesome! Do you mind telling me the desk you have in the picture? I might actually get it myself.

The top is a a countertop meant for a kitchen from ikea. The legs and base are from a discontinued desk set ikea used to make called the Galant. It has since been replaced by the bekant line if you want something similar. A lot of start ups and businesses use the Galant desk so check craiglist which is where I grabbed mine.

RIP the Galant. :frowning: I actually use a couple of Linmon tables for my desk. It was my compromise when they got rid of the Galant.

What are you using to capture video on your stream PC?

The El Gato 4k60Pro

What games are you playing/streaming on Twitch?

It’s been a bit since I streamed, but I mostly play first person shooters. Battlefield, PUBG, Doom, etc. I plan to start streaming again steadily in the near future.

and Doto Blunderlords

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