Pfsense OpenVPN Server networking issues

Hey all,
I could use a hand trying to figure out what’s up. When I connect to the OpenVPN server on my pfsense box, I can access most IPs on the network, but my proxmox host and it’s vms are totally inaccessible. I am only able to access my services via the HAProxy virtual IP I configured that points at the proxmox host and vms.

I have added the subnet for the VPN network to the LAN and other networks I want to be accessible, but it didn’t seem to help.

Anything I should try to figure this out?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Is the network you are connecting from the same subnet as the proxmox host and vms? I had a similar issue when they were the same subnet. I ended up adding a route to my openvpn config I was using on the client for the ips I wanted to get to on the host network.

On interesting. I am not using the same subnet. My main network is, the subnet I connect from is, the vpn network is

I’ve narrowed it down to hosts that connect to a secondary network. I might have to try adding a route. Thanks for the idea.

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I’m also using a different subnet.