pfSense on HP290 versus R710 and R510

Good afternoon,

I a R710 (gifted), R510 (gifted), HP 290-p0043w G4900 with 8GiB, and a HP S01-PF1013W G5900 with 18 GiB. I am running proxmox on all of these.

So for, I have:

  • upgraded my R710 raid controller to a H200 to enable jbod and allow 2TB+ hard drives
  • upgraded the R510 CPU to a L5640. It has another slot for another CPU but I have not added one since it looks like I need make sure to exactly match the memory structure and sizes.
  • left the R510 raid controller as is since it allows jbod (it doesn’t allow 2TB+ drives but I don’t plan on replacing 2.5 drives) jbod.
    These have both have become my fileservers plus allows me to run tons of CTs and VMs.

My HP 290-p0043w is running Emby for hardware transcoding.
My HP S01-PF1013W is running a Minecraft lxc. (I bought this machine before I was gifted the above computers so it’s kind of redundant now.)

My initial plan was to pass-through one of the network ports on either the R710 or R510 since I have several separate network cards on them so figured might as well get use out of them.

After reading more stories on reddit, I am now leaning on devoting one of the HPs for pfSense.

Based on what I read from @JDM_WAAAT , I need IBM 49Y4242 Intel I340-T4 Quad Port GbE PCI (or something similar) and Intel 256GB SSD w/ 16GB Optane Memory H10 L48337-002. That said, I might be able to pull a network card from the R710 or R510 and use it here.

Any thoughts on this plan? Particularly on using the HP machine versus one of the dell servers.
Also, any pitfalls or gotchas I should look out for?