Pfsense DH61AG build wont post

I bought an intel DH61AG off ebay that came with a pentium G630T… when i power it up it does POST and all is well. The problem is that I got an i5-3470T to put in it so that i could have AES-NI, but I put it in and it wont post now. What could be the issue?
I am new to this but I noticed that they are different chipsets… could that be my problem or compatibility issue with ram? or do you think the i5 i received is bad?

Did you ensure that the CPU you chose is compatible with that motherboard? Have you updated the BIOS with the original CPU?

Yep its compatible. I did not think to update bios. Looks like i need to update bios to atleast 39 so i will look into that. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. First timer here

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