PERC H310 on Asus Z170-PRO - sas2flash: LSI not detected

Hi There,

I’m new here, and I’m maybe asking to much, but here we go:

Asus Z170-PRO - PCIe x16 2.0/3.0 - Dell PERC H310 IR

  • megarec list successufully my card and i get all the info (SAS address etc).

  • in uefi shell, sas2flash.efi throws a “LSI devices not found” …so i can’t crossflash the card.

  • Computer boot ok, and megarec detects card, tape on pins hack shouldn’t be necessary right?

  • I’ve read carefully my uefi options and messed with them. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Cheers!!! and thanks in any case

flashed empty SBR with megarec? Also DOS sas2flash can do more than EFI version. Enable CSM. 3.3v mod can only help.

Hi @seanho, thanks a lot for your response.

My bad, I meaned megacli when i said it list my card:

Megarec gives me the following error:

sas2flash.exe shows the “PAL” error:

and last sas2flash do not see the card:

I will try the tape on the pins and enable CSM on the UEFI as you suggest.

Is there any other thing i could try if none of the above works aside of try in another motherboard?
(have an Asus P5QL-E -another asus UEFI mobo :S-) It’s just that it seems weird to me that megacli detects the card; I read somewhere that they got working the PERC H310 on an Asus Z170-PRO GAMING (mine is not the gaming model) motherboard though no info on how it was done.

megacli.exe -AdpAllInfo -aAll -page 20

(please ignore the first picture of my previous post)

IIRC the megarec warnings are ignorable. You may need an older version of sas2flash to do the IR-to-IT crossflash. The PAL error means your motherboard requires use of EFI sas2flash; you could also try an older motherboard.

Hi again,

Thanks a lot for your help again, finally I used a Gyabyte GA-M61PME-S2 to do it in the BIOS way

I think everything is ok now, only left to buy the cables xD