Pcie x1 quad port NICs are too expensive

So just cut off all the extra pins of a pcie x4 NIC

Sadly pfsense is being weird at picking it up in my x1 slot on my 290, works fine in the x16.

I’ve heard of getting a dremel tool and cutting a slot in the back of the pcie x1 port

I did that with my first 290 but it had a problem keeping it from booting. wanted to modify the cheaper component this time.



Well, It didn’t work. I cut too high and cut into the trace of A17/A16 in the top right of the cut. Since these are lane 0 receiving it’s broke. Ordered a new card to try again.

On the upside, my new Nibbling Tool works great. Cuts about 6-7 pins wide and is much cleaner. Tested it on the dead card. Replacement NIC should be here today to try again.

New NIC came in. Nibblers worked much better than flush cutters.

But does it work? That’s what we really want to know. :slight_smile:

It worked! All 9 show up now.