PCIe 1x Mining Riser - use for a DAS or other slow PCIe device - $1.99 shipped

If you get these toss the molded sata to pcie power adapter. These are also great for powering sas expander cards, just don’t hook up the pcie cable and use a spare pcie power cable straight to the board.

I wonder if you could do some simple gaming off of an attached video card? As in, if you have a crappy laptop and wanted to use a separate monitor/graphics card, would that work?

If you’re thinking about plugging the USB-looking cable into your laptop, no that won’t work. They’re using a USB 3.0 cable and plug because it has the required number of pins to pass data, but it’s not actually a USB interface, so DO NOT plug it into your laptop. Best case nothing happens. Worst case you could fry the riser board, the card or the laptop.

Ah got it. They are basically using it to pass data between the PCIe slot on the mobo to the daughter board. I see. That’s odd, but it makes sense in that the cable is shielded.