Part recommendations for first build please

I’m about to build my first server. The primary usages initially are going to be plex, multiple arr instances, ombi, game servers (valheim, 7 days to die etc.), and home assistant. I’d like the ability to expand into other cool things you can do with a server that I haven’t delved too much into. Possibly some surveillance cameras, password manager, and other things. Right now, I’m thinking the following:

OS: Unraid
Case: n400 versus fractal design 7XL full tower
Mobo/CPU: some type of xeon
ram: ecc ram
graphics card: quadro p2000 (for transcoding)
PSU: whatever

I’ve looked into a variety of different options for case, such as a server chassis, but I’m a bit worried that I’m going to get overwhelmed with the complexity, as I’ve never worked with sever chassis before. I’ve also looked into hot swappable towers, but from what I’ve seen the best are silverstone ones, and they’re still not particularly good.

Any advice would be appreciated. If my plan looks good, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on a specific xeon/motherboard combo that would work with my budget of 1000 dollars for the entire server(excluding storage). I want to make sure this server will have space to grow. Maybe even transfer it into a true server chassis one I get a handle on unraid and server stuff in general.

thanks so much for the assistance. happy to shoot some bitcoin to anybody that is willing to put some time into helping me out! thanks!

Have you looked into my QuickSync guide? There’s little reason to use a P2000 nowadays.

I did take a peak at that. If you don’t mind sharing, what’s the benefit of using a quick sync box over a dedicated graphics card. I’m guessing price is pretty similar no? You need motherboard and CPU and RAM. I guess it will be less power draining and will generate less heat? I’d definitely go with the separate quick sync box if you think that’s way better.