OTiS Build + New Rig need some advice

I’ve been using a 2600k for a long time now, so I’m long overdue for an upgrade to my primary PC. I also need a NAS and would like to have transcoding capability up to 5 or more streams is preferrable. Currently I was planning to build an entirely new PC when parts availability is a bit better. In the meantime, I was looking to build an OTiS to solve my NAS and transcoding needs. Remote gaming on unRaid seemed like an interesting function, but that may be more of a bonus.

OTiS Build

Part Brand Item Price Store
Case Fractal Meshify 2 XL 179.99 Newegg
Mobo Asus Z390-P 159.99 Microcenter
CPU Intel i7 9700k 199.99 Microcenter
RAM OLOy 2x16GB 96.99 Amazon
SSD Sabrent 1TB NVME 109.99 Amazon
HDD HGST 3TB x10 200 Bitdeals
PSU EVGA? 650 or 750W n/a EVGA store
HBA LSI 9207-8i 40 eBay
HBA LSI 9207-8i 40 ebay

Those are the primary guts of the OTiS I have been looking at. I’d like plenty of cache storage for Plex metadata including thumbnails, but I’m undecided on CPU and MOBO still for transcoding. I’m aware that for my needs that combo is likely overkill. However, Microcenter has a relatively good deal on 9700k processors at the moment. Other processors in the intel line:

Processor Price Store CPU Score
i5 10400 159.99 Amazon 12536
i3 10100 104.99 Amazon 8974
i7 9700k 199.99 Micocenter 14615
i5 9400 149.99 Micocenter 9540
i7 8700k 170 eBay 13907

Also, for HBA cards I was thinking of getting two because the Meshify 2 and XL can hold 11 & 18 HDDs respectively. Would it be better to get 1 HBA card and a SAS Expander instead? I was already planning to fill it with 30TB from 10 drives and possibly expand from there based on need. I considered rackmount solutions, but I’m just beginning with homeservers and not ready to rackmount just yet. I’ve thought of repurposing my current pc as a pfSense router once the NAS and new PC are built. Lastly, I’m going to buy a gigabit switch for the home network. I don’t have a need for 10gig yet, so that will likely be a project in the future.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

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