Other mini-itx motherboards for PF Sense Build?

Looks like most of the suggested mobo’s have been swooped up. Anyone else see any good ones?

did some looking but none seemed as good.


Last one looks interesting, but I don’t see how it’s powered lol.


this seller seems to relist this item pretty often…they are selling for $30-50 depending on how th auction goes.

The Shuttle board you listed looks to be powered by a external power brick. That port on the rear…

I have a few for sale in #marketplace:jdms-garage-sale

Thanks. For the skylake you listed, do you know a good power supply to pair with it?

Now that I look at that board I’m not sure what to recommend on the power. I imagine it would take some kind of sff power supply. I’ve not done any itx builds to know what one might run into other than I know some have internal power connections and some are external. This skylake generic board appears to have a four pin connection but no 20 pin connection which is throwing me off.

edit: the listing is showing another four pin connection which is confusing me…perhaps you can opt for 24 volt or 12 volt using a jumper. It looks like a fan header.

I mean honestly at this point I would just get a HP 290 considering the low power usage, modern hardware, and low cost.

Yeah I know it’s HP290 is low cost. It’s just too big for my area. I can’t rack four of them like you in my tiny apartment haha. Can you repackage the HP290 or anything I missed.

The Gigabye board is standard ATX. The type of power supply you would get depends on the case - but that is a standard ATX connector. (PSU for small SFF include the “Flex ATX” and SFX - with SFX psu being easier to source)

The Asus board is the same - standard ATX

The shuttle board “probably” takes 19V - you can use the 3 pin over on the bottom left of the board (it looks like a big fan header). You could use that together with the HDPlex AC-DC converter which comes with that connector if you want to use an internal PSU. You can also get an external PSU which should plug into the port on the far left.

Note, there isn’t much info on this board, so I’m guessing a little bit - YMMV

The Aaeon board takes 12v - but a 4 pin only. This is also standard ATX 4-pin 12v - but it doesn’t use the 24pin only a 4 pin. Any standard ATX PSU should have this connector. EDIT: Because this doesn’t have the 24 pin connector, most ATX PSUs would turn on with this board because it doesn’t supply the right info on the 24 pin. You could work around this with a ATX psu jumper bridge tester thingie. JDM has a link on the 16 bay DAS page.

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The shuttle board has realtek onboard, so I think that makes it a poor choice for pfsense

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I find it hard to believe that the HP 290 is too large.