Optiplex MT 9010 i5-3570 Worth It?

Looking to do a first time build (NK4 based). Here’s my current plan:

Unraid, A cloud solution, Backup to Backblaze, Sonarr, Radarr, Some Torrent Solution through a VPN (some seeding duties required), Plex (Not many transcodes at this point, but I’d like to try this instead of Kodi on my HTPC) and I have one neighbour that currently uses it mostly direct stream. I’m sure there’s some other dockers I could get to using in the future, Blackhole intrigues me as does PFsense.

There is a local Dell Optiplex 9010 with an i5-3750, 8gb of Ram and a 120gb SSD for sale for $115 USD. Which seems like an ok deal… I’ve done some research and It ‘seems’ like I could move the Mobo and stuff over (with some power adapters if I get a new PSU).

I’ve got 2 6tb Drives as well as a 3tb drive to start with… That’s enough to get started for my data needs (the 3tb is at 80% right now).

so what do you all think? Do I have any blind spots? Will this mobo take a SAS card at some point in the future? If my transcoding needs increase I figure I can just upgrade the CPU or build a whole separate box.

Does anybody have any experience with noise in these dekstops? I may need to put this in the living room, I haven’t decided yet. Do they have a standard CPU cooler mount? It looks like there may be room for another HDD cage in there, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

Thanks in advance!