[Official] WD External Shuckables - Price Tracking

It’s a good hard drive. It’s white label, enterprise grade, and most importantly - not SMR.

They are good to go.


I will add that they were poorly packed, purchased from amazon and 2 of the drives had write speeds of 50mb/sec, one 200mb/sec. 2 are being replaced. Hopefully the replacement will be packed better.

what are you using to test these drives. I have one sitting here from Amazon that I haven’t opened yet.

I’m using HD Sentinel

I checked my WD Elements with CrystalDiskInfo.

Interesting…there is also this 12TB Easystore on sale from Best Buy:


That’s expected price. Worth it if you need storage, but not a screaming deal or anything.

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I think the 14TB Easystore is at a new low $190.

That’s a great deal at $190. I picked up one at that price before. Too slow on this one as I just saw it. Can only hope Black Friday they have more local inventory. Thanks for the heads up.

More inventory and the 14TB is available again.

That’s a good price.

WD Elements 10TB (new lowest price) - $149.99

WD Model Capacity Expected Price Expected Price/TB Lowest Price Lowest Price/TB Last Lowest Date, Source Amazon Ebay Best Buy B&H Newegg
Elements 10 TB $169.99 $17.00 $149.99 $16.00 11/10/20 Amazon link link link link

Saw that Newegg had the same drive for the same price as well if you want a source other than Amazon.

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Zero reason to purchase from Newegg over Amazon.
Newegg has zero customer support and Amazon has free returns until January.

Agreed, not a fan of Newegg after they were bought out a few years back!

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One big reason is that that deal is available internationally on Newegg (to Australia, at least). Not so on Amazon.

Thanks for the heads up, LivePono

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Well I got my 2 12tb replacements and again 1 of those was very slow 50mb/sec. It was harder to get a replacement but supposedly I will get a replacement with an unknown ship date. This was the hardest batch to deal with yet.

I’m starting to believe you have a hardware issue, not a drive issue.

These are unshucked drives connected to the same usb port on the same computer. 1 transfers at 200, the other 2 50 originally. Got 2 replacements, same scenario, 1 does 200, the other 50. If I plug the 200 one in again, it transfers at 200, etc. I believe I was originally doing that first batch on my work computer and it was taking an eternity so I moved them to a server. Problem followed.

Have you considered that the cable or USB adapter could be defective, not the drive?