[Official] T-Mobile LTE Home Internet - experience log

@JDM_WAAAT Did you had to pay your first monthly bill/50 dollars upon ordering T-Mobile Home Internet or after your initial setup at home when you received your modem? Since your wife had to open the account with T-Mobile as an new customer, are you guys paying other fees like taxes or is it included in the 50 per month?

Has anyone received the newer version of the gateway that T-Mobile has released?

I wonder if I can ask them for the upgraded unit.

Taxes are never included in quoted prices of services like this. They vary from state to state. We paid for the first month of service up front. There are no other hidden fees, just state tax.

Thanks for the info bud.

5 years ago my Dad retired out in the sticks. To get him internet we got a modem and sim service from https://4gantennashop.com/, a separate $300 booster and a huge yagi in the attic. Too bad even with that setup he can’t reach T-Mobile because this is a great deal!

He’s had a couple of different plans out there and one thing I’ve learned is that unlimited usually means unlimited for 20-50 gb/mo. Anyone experience throttling with this?

I used 100GB last month and didn’t experience any throttling. Service area is downtown Denver.

Old thread but TMobile offers a business version of this. Depending on your location, the pricing might be the same. For me it was, $50 for unlimited data. Best part is you can get an a static IP for $3/month which provides a gateway that can be used in bridge mode (no NAT).

I’m considering switching to a business line as the Sagemcom I have with TMHI has a gimped LAN port. I get half the speed from that versus the built-in Wifi6. I have my entire home network behind an ER-X.

Even with the gimped LAN I get better consistent service than I did with Starlink.

I have a Dish 5G setup using a Netgear hotspot. Project Genesis. It isn’t fast enough for a complete home solution, but I use the unlimited data to get around aspects of my Cox data cap.

Consider checking Project Genesis out if you need “a connection” with 5G Unlimited data. Speeds, however, are going to be dependent on tower traffic