[Official] Speaker show-off thread

Post your speaker setups and acquisitions below!

Make sure to include make, model and any other important details.

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Newest speakers.

JBL N28 came in original box in great shape.

Currently listening to them by themselves running stereo off the Yamaha 7810 and a Crown XLS-2002

Incredible sound from a speaker you can find for under 100.

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Had an absolute bitch of a time tracking down Piano Black Klipsch RP-600M. Finally got some from https://www.sounddistributors.com/, they sound the same as the regular ones of course, but they are prettier.

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Also snagged some Klipsch Tangent 300 thanks to @Riggi and ShopGoodWill locally.

The Loxjie A10 is plenty to power these highly efficient speakers. Here it is at 10% making room-filling sound.

Had to do a little vacuum cleaner repair on the dust caps. This is the best I could do. They still sound great though!

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I really cannot get over how clean these are. The way that the grills “dodge” the JBL logo… is really sweet.

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I know right?, I did knock some pet hair and dust off with a dry microfiber, but they are all but perfect physically. There is some dust on the tweeters i dont want to try and blow off. Is there a safe method for cleaning a tweeter? Like camera dusting brushes maybe?

I fell into the trap of purchasing a single pair of speakers after hearing about @manbearpig2012 turning down a pair of IL40s due to a long drive. Of course I caught the bug and scoured eBay/Craigslist some more and found a full JBL set to purchase two days later.

IL40s + IL25C for $150. Got some nice snacks with the IL25C as it appeared to be the home of a mouse.

JBL S312s + JBL S38s + JBL S Center for $250.

Have some AVRs however none have preouts so will be looking to purchase an AVR with preouts and then an powered amplifier for the IL40s and eventually the S312s.

IL40s will be left in the living room and the JBL set will be replaced my old BIC America set up behind the AT Projector Screen in the basement.


Great grab! Jealous of you sir!

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That :mouse: had a great :house:.

I already owned a set of Infinity IL60 which I’ve been very happy with over the years. When one of the built in sub amps took a dive, I started looking around at the rest of the near vintage Interlude lineup. Thanks to @JDM_WAAAT I ended up with a set of IL40, a set of IL30, another IL36c center channel, and last but not least, a set of IL10. They all arrived in overall great shape with only minor scuffs and/or grill damage.

The Interlude line stands for laid back but very detailed and articulate highs, a slightly warm and present midrange, and generally an even response across the audible range. The IL40 are especially impressive and image better than the IL60, with a much wider soundstage. But probably the most impressive to me is the IL10. While the IL40 are clearly the best in the lineup, the IL10 do not disappoint. These large bookshelves, when paired with a powerful amp, are enough to fill a very large room. And they indeed fill my very large basement with incredible detail, top to bottom. I never expected such things from a “smaller” speaker (these are hefty for what they are though). The best part is you can often find them at around 150 shipped and in good shape. I’d easily recommend any of these speakers.

IL40, IL60, IL30:




I call this my super simple setup. These Edifier S350DB outperform my previous setup and look nice too. Very happy with them. I have another set downstairs in the living room. The pictured set is in the media room upstairs.


Nice S350DB! They look so good.

I got tired of doing the full 5.1 surround setups I used to do in every house I owned. When we moved 6 weeks ago I already had a set for the media room posted orevious. I bought the second set for the living room posted here because of a similar configuration in this space, i.e. floating TV with 70 inch media console. These speakers are great value for the sound they put out. Granted, they aren’t like some other speakers shown here but the certainly do the job for me and my family.


I like the simplicity of it.

Klipsch RP-600M Piano Black

Infinity IL-10 Maple

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First generation of the “real” Uni-Q driver. Absolutely insane treble performance, extremely smooth (but early) bass rolloff.
A true “easy listening” speaker.

Oh and these are the actual pictures from the ebay listing…

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Kef Q9c. Didn’t think it was this big. Looks awesome, the corner damage is hardly noticeable. Testing soon. Matching Q1 will be here next week.

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Oops all Harman Audio Group

I was able to call Harman Parts and order the black grills for my interludes. These really elevated their looks imo.