[Official] Rosewill RSV-L4500 Owner's Thread

Arctic makes a new P12 MAX fan designed to provide additional cooling performance.

I would recommend this model if you’re keeping it in a un-conditioned garage.

Best I could do in terms of a diagram

This is what the normal air flow configuration is:

3 fans in the front pull air in and blow them over the three drive cages, each with 5 drives a piece in them. And then there are 3 fans in the middle, and then the air goes out the back. From left to right.

I’ve essentially reversed that configuration and got seemingly better results in the form of lower temps.

Replace the stock fans. Front fans aren’t even strictly required as long as the fan wall is populated with decent fans. Still recommend front to back flow.

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Hi all. I recently picked up this case used online and moved my server into it. Looking at videos online (including some in the OP), it looks like I’m missing some parts to the case — namely, the bracket for the three 120mm fans in the middle of the case. Does anyone have a rec for where I could source one? I’m hoping there’s a generic one I can pick up or repurpose (or some other method for affixing fans).

Right now my temps are okay (mid 40s) and will likely improve when I move the server down into my basement (need to get a rack and run cabling). The summer months are approaching though and I’d like to take care of this now. I’m new to the world of rack mounted cases so I’m hoping there’s an easy solution out there and I’m just not searching the right key words.