[Official] Koss KPH40 Utility - Owner's Thread


  • Detachable/changeable cable
    • Stock cable is a 3.5m TRS (no microphone)
    • Optional cables include a built in DAC + Microphone (Lightning or USB-C)
  • Upgraded fit and finish (metal headband, upgraded earpads) compared to the KPH30i
  • Upgraded sound compared to the KPH30i
  • Compatible with Yaxi earpads for Koss headphones
  • Utility system works with other Koss Utility headphones (listed below in Accessories)





Got mine today. I can’t even wrap my head around how physics work to make these sound the way they do with the materials at hand. Next step is swap in some yaxi pads to see what’s what.


Increased comfort for sure. I enjoy my swap.

I received my KPH40 with lightning cable as a Christmas gift and have been using it non-stop both mobile and at my desk. The DAC is outstanding quality and has plenty of headroom for the KPH40. And these cans scale just as previous generations did - pair it with a nicer amp, get a better experience. Stock pads are great imo, more comfy than KPH30i and no need to swap.

I don’t understand how Koss continues to 1up perfection, but they did it again.

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I actually prefer the stock pads to yaxi in this case. I wonder if we can convince yaxi to make some smaller pads in the same colors and foam.

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Back in stock at Amazon!

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