[Official] HP S01-pf1013w Owner's Thread and Review

Going to upgrade my 7500T box with this as I’d like to use that box for something else. Can’t wait.!

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Free computer with a dire straits cd? Hell yes!


money for nothin and your CDs for free.


WTF, I love Dire Straits.


excellent write up as always @JDM_WAAAT !

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What Core i7 can I put in this thing to upgrade it?

Looking to move my Blue Iris VM on my unRaid server to take advantage of the QS in BI. BI wasn’t on my radar when I originally built that unRaid box, but I have been getting by ok with it as a VM.

So, figured I’d just remove my NVME drive from my 7500t machine an put it in the 10 gen HP machine and all would be well…

Plex is gone and now I can’t set up it following the instructions. Stuck on step 0 of the new guide. the auto.master file edit. I’ve posted there… oh well. Should have left well enough alone.

Plex is gone? Uh oh.

Was this the only drive you were using in the 7500 machine? What OS were you running? Ubuntu?

Man, I just got my 290 up and running for PMS a month ago and last week picked up an HP Elitedesk g2 mini to run some VMs… I’m struggling now wanting to swap the 290 for this one, especially since VIP is in my city and I get next day shipping (kinda silly they have to ship it but…)

Yes only drive. And now I can’t get it resetup… going to need help tomorrow. Ubuntu

You won’t need to put a 10th-gen i7 in there, an i3 or i5 will suffice. 10th-gen core counts are much higher than 4th-7th gen.

Does everything else function as normal? I would open a terminal and “which plexmediaserver”

I’d find it strange if the executables were somehow removed just by migrating the drive.

I’m looking to upgrade to about 10x 4k cameras, sooner than later, from my current hodge podge of 2x 4k cameras, 3x 1080p wyze cams, and 5MP. I notice that the CPU tends to spike while using the web interface and when exporting clips. I’d like the extra headroom to be able scrub video while it’s doing those things. Again my experience is limited to the Win10 VM running BI.

I’m leaning towards a 10th gen i5 for this box. We had a neighbors dog come and kill a chicken and injured a duck today. Unfortunately the 5 MP PTZ wasn’t looking in the right area so I want to have a few 4k cameras to cover the critical zones and not miss a thing. Wife said we need more cameras so I’m striking while the iron is hot lol. A side note, the WAF for the BI UI3 interface ranks high.

The i5-10400 would work, just make sure you don’t use the i5-10400F.
If you’re seeing high CPU usage, there are an absolute TON of optimizations you can do with BI.

No idea, I’ve already wiped the drive and started over

Pulled the trigger on this refurb that has an i5-10400. It penciled out to be about the same to get this one than upgrade the one with a Celeron with a little less hassle. Adding another 8 GB stick to bump it up to 16 GB total. Will be swapping the 4 TB WD Purple in my 2nd unRaid box to this along with the Win10 VM image dedicated to Blue Iris.

Also found a Crucial memory stick cheaper than the one linked above. $42.99 vs $48.95 I like Crucial try to stick with it in my builds.

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My shipping box was indeed huge.

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Long time plex user but had it running on my freenas server. Found this information about quick sync last night and went ahead and ordered eBay link

Seller accepted 135. Hopefully this is a decent deal

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Would upgrading a plex media server from a hp290 yield any substantial improvement in transcoding ability?


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